Quality management

Quality management

Our group always endeavors to offer the most appropriate logistic solutions.
The most appropriate logistic solutions is meeting the requirements and expectations of the customers by offering the necessary time, cost and quality aspects simultaneously and in conjunction with each other. To do this;

 We have a dynamic and qualified human resource.
 We operate through a modern and technological operation infrastructure.
 We aim to operate at the top of our performance.
 We work in collaboration with our customers and create the projects that are the most appropriate to meet their needs.
 We manage the “Operational Risks” for uninterrupted and sustainable performance in logistic operations.

Occupational Health and Safety

The entire occupational health and safety applications, which are necessary for enhancing the level of health and safety of the working environment of our personnel and drivers, are implemented and our personnel work accordingly.

Furthermore any measures are taken for the safety of third parties in the overall logistic operations as a matter of our responsibility towards third parties.


Sağlık Lojistik Grup adopts and implements the sustainability principles in its overall business processes through its awareness of social and environmental respect.

 The services are carried out by Euro 5 and Euro 6 type self-owned vehicles for protecting the environment, going green and lesser noise environment.
 The environmental impact of the vehicles are kept under control by means of the data obtained by 24/7 tracking of the vehicles via the mobile data system.
 The operations conducted in the facilities overall are suitable for energy efficiency and environmental protection.
 The necessary actions for the occupational safety of the personnel are implemented at the top level.
 The necessary actions for the safety of the third persons are implemented at the top level.
 “Equal opportunity” and “equal conditions” principles apply for the personnel.
 The work-family-private life balance of the personnel is considered.
 Social responsibility projects are implemented.