Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

We are aware of the fact that “human” is the primary element underpinning achievement. We owe each employee of us our present position full of quality, success, and principles, which we attained with that awareness. As Sağlık Logistics, we set a Human Resources Policy, prioritizing on showing concern for our employees, and paying respect to all of our stakeholders we are in touch with.

  • We believe that operating based on transparency, and trust is a professional responsibility to our employees.
  • We ensure that our “open door” policy is followed in all our departments including management.
  • We wholeheartedly believe in the necessity of providing equal working opportunities regardless of age; sex; religion; language; marital, social, and economic status or physical state in procedures of recruitment, remuneration, performance, and employment contract.
  • We safeguard our employee’s rights and security.
  • We provide proper environment which contributes to individual and career objectives of all our employees.
  • We consider corporate values as “common values” of employees. We keep alive, and always pay regard to these common values in every action we take.
  • Criticisms, opinions and recommendations of our employees are the major guidance on all future arrangements of us. We appreciate the ideas of our employees, and we engage them in decision making mechanisms with a transparent, equal and inclusive management understanding.
  • It is among our priorities to ground on customer-oriented approach in operations, and to enable each of employees to create added value by launching development-oriented projects.
  • We have embraced designing, establishing, developing and executing sub-systems of a continuously learning organization.
  • We plan necessary actions with the aim of growing employees’ knowledge, skills, and competency for relations with organizations and individuals.
  • We invent methods to keep our employees highly loyal, and motivated.
  • We develop all systems and tools which can facilitate the lives, comfort, and grow work productivity of our employees.
  • We diligently follow in every rank the policy “right person for the right job; and right job for the right person.”