Our Environment Policy

As Sağlık Logistics, it is a core part of our business to take measures necessary to minimize our damage on environment in every operation for a sustainable future open to improvement. Accordingly, our system is periodically and occasionally reviewed; and our environment performance is sought to be continuously increased through implementation of “Environment Management System.”

To that end, we consider the following an Environment Policy;

  • Compliance with all national and international legislation and rules on environment,
  • Implementing, sustaining and developing an Environment Management System compliant to ISO 14001 in accordance with aims and objectives set,
  • With the awareness that world resources are not infinite, going beyond legislation by taking necessary actions not as an obligation, but internalizing it as a responsibility to leave a diligently safeguarded environment to the future,
  • Building of technological and systematical infrastructure relating to consumption of resources such as electricity, water, paper and natural gas used in all premises,
  • Devising environment-friendly technologies in all our operations, considering environment management a part of our business,
  • Following encouraging and supportive policies in order to make our employees green consumers,
  • Minimizing environmental impact by enhancing our practices through existing and future investments,
  • Disposing our wastes according to their qualities; promoting recycling and reuse; minimizing pollution originating from our wastes,
  • Ensuring efficient, productive, and minimum use of natural resources; and keeping up to date with all technological advancements to that end,
  • Observing sustainable development and pollution prevention principles in our operations,
  • Periodically inspecting and controlling environmental impacts of our operations,
  • Organizing trainings to raise environmental awareness of our employees and making them feel individually responsible.