Land Transportation

Road Transport and International Logistic Solutions

Our company rendering road transport services with its modern vehicle fleet since 1950, is pleased to offer services to you with its logistic facilities and international solution partners.

We deliver safely and on time by using technological infrastructure actively in our operations. We work with a qualified team to offer the most proper logistic solution to you. At the completion of every duty with our experienced specialists who are fully in command of customs laws in their area of responsibility, able to speak regional languages and fully aware of the mission we undertook, our reputation increases a bit more and utmost customer satisfaction is achieved.

Offering you time, cost and quality advantages simultaneously in the field of road transport services, our company is carrying on its works to develop most suitable projects for your needs. Our company owned vehicle fleet is comprised of 550 vehicles, all Euro 6 and at most 2 model years of age.

All our drivers assigned with road transport duty have at least 7-10 years of experience in their assigned routes.  With our services map covering the entire Balkan Peninsula and Europe we are rendering high quality road transport services.

As Sağlık Logistics, we have our logistic centers on each side of Istanbul. We provide professional logistics support to you, our esteemed customers, with our strong group companies and international solution partners. For a reliable and environment friendly road transport, Sağlık Logistics is ready to provide support to you.

For more detailed information about our wide service network and quality transport services, please contact us.

Truck Dimensions Type Length Width Height Gross Volume
truck  Mega Trailer  13,60 m.  2,50 m.  3,00 m.  102 m3