Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Vehicles

  • All refrigerated vehicles are 2019 model.
  • All refrigerated trailers have their own fuel tank. Thus, heat engines are always kept on to maintain the required temperature during transfer. 
  • They have eco-friendly engines that meet Euro-6 standards.
  • There are systems that allow control of unit temperature, door and fuel tracking, and traceability.
  • They have a double deck design, which minimizes m³ losses due to sensitive goods that cannot be stacked; and allows transport of goods cost-efficiently in a single truck.                
  • Goods that are sensitive to heat and changes in temperatures are delivered in the fastest way.
  • We provide specialised logistics services with our double deck vehicles certified to transport medicines.
  • Our fleet of refrigerated trucks provide the optimum service to meet our customers' need for transport to all European and Balkan countries.
  • Sağlık Logistics transports goods of our customers in Health, Food and Chemical industries with our FRC, ADR and GDP certified vehicles at the required temperatures; and the temperature inside trailers is monitored with a computer system during transport.