Our Policy Of Health And Safety At Work

We aim to execute all service levels in a healthy and safe working environment. Accordingly;

  • We see human as our principal value.
  • We embrace Health and Safety at Work as a natural element of our work.
  • We have committed to obtain documents and certificates of, and continuously develop compliance with ISO 18001 standard of our Health and Safety at Work Policy.
  • Believing that all work accidents, and occupational diseases can be prevented; we foresee, and take necessary measures against all risks which may disrupt physical integrity of our employees.
  • It is our norm to create a healthy and safe work environment; and we resort to safe and appropriate equipments to that end.
  • Taking into account good practices both in the industry and the world, we set and regularly review realization of measurable goals relating to Health and Safety at Work, while we consistently enhance our management systems in this respect.
  • We hold trainings and events in cooperation with our employees and stakeholders for nurturing a safe working-living culture, and raising awareness thereof.
  • We ensure partnership and involvement of our employees across all corporate ranks and of our stakeholders in efforts to improve Occupational Health and Safety practices, with the support of our management.