Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Ensuring customer satisfaction by thoroughly considering requests, recommendations and feedbacks of customers we received through all communication channels is our fundamental goal. In order to optimize “customer satisfaction,” and to keep it the same, which are the focal points of all services we render;

  • We objectively address requests and complaints of customers by adhering to clarity, confidentiality, accessibility, integrity and sensitivity principles; and we assess them as per legislation, and applicable standards; and in accordance with company rules.
  • Immediately considering each customer complaint we receive; we inform the customers during solution phases; and make permanent improvements in our processes in order to avoid recurrence of the respective complaints.
  • We give just and impartial feedbacks to our customers.
  • We deliver quality, fast, pioneering, and reliable services in meeting expectations of customers. 
  • We promote involvement, sharing spirit, and creativeness of our employees, business partners, and of stakeholders for elevating customer satisfaction; and we provide environments allowing their self-development.
  • We have committed to obtain documents and certificates of, and continuously develop compliance with ISO 10002 standard of our Customer Satisfaction Policy.