Our Quality Policy

Within the terms of our quality policy;

  • Obtaining documents and certificates of compliance with ISO 9001 for, and continuously improving our quality management system,
  • Establishing, implementing and running efficient quality management systems in all processes of our organization in order to deliver sustainable services at international standards,
  • Always monitoring efficiency of quality management system, realizing required improvements; setting and sustaining applicable terms,
  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in services we deliver,
  • Efficiently managing customer feedbacks,
  • Becoming a pioneering, and steering organization by exceeding customer expectations,
  • Multiplying trainings for continuous development,
  • Eliminating procedures which do not create value; and building a quality management system designed to efficient use of resources, and to continuous development,
  • Ensuring continuous improvement, and maintenance of quality by keeping up to date with the latest technology,
  • Building a fast and efficient working system through benefiting technological possibilities in corporate communications with our customers and stakeholders,
  • Becoming a mark both in national and foreign market through cooperation of our employees, suppliers and stakeholders with a team spirit,

are the foremost missions of entire Sağlık Logistics personnel, and upper management in particular.